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Tips On Choosing A Puppy Dog American Pit Bull Terriers Good


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Tips on choosing a puppy dog ​​american pit bull terriers good

Choosing a puppy requires patience, clarity of purpose and stock of knowledge sufficient to prevent a wrong choice. Bringing home the chicks that one would cause many problems in our homes. Especially on the kind race of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), we must be extra careful in choosing. APBT over the years developed into a very strong dog with unyielding nature. Choosing a Pit Bull puppy with the wrong temperament, along with a monster in the middle of our family. Pit Bull puppies 3-4 months still looks funny. But when he had started at the age of two years, the negative traits that are not too disruptive to bring a troublesome damage.

A. Important factor in choosing puppies

So what are the important things to consider when we choose a Pit Bull dog? There are three things most important in choosing a Pitbull, first is the temperament, the two also temperament, and the new third note the proportion of anatomy. Temperament is a trait or individual reactions of each APBT or stimulation in response to something that he can from outside. For example, every APBT four-month-old will give a different reaction when approached by a stranger to him. Someone approached and asked to play, go, do obervasi briefly and then leave, or hide behind the owner or in a safe place.

Temperament is formed by two factors: genetic factors are inherited from parents and boys, and educational factors that shape the behavior since childhood. Both are very important to note. To know the nature of which is derived by both parents, we can ask the owner or breeder. A good breeder or breeders will provide honest information to the families of prospective puppy. Pitbull who have a history of aggressive towards humans forbidden to marry because of the possibility down the same trait.

Way and a good approximation, also used by breeders to produce puppies with good temperament. Tillers are always in the cage, will have different puppies temperament is often invited to play freely occur outside the cage. Take great care in caring for children is the way ranchers. 

B. Temperament is important in a pit bull 

1. not shy and self-confident 

Pit Bull with confidence that the two will easily socialize with strangers and do not feel afraid. Note the position of the tail when the puppy interact with us. Posisis good tail is always rocked with excitement. Test puppy by taking him out of the nest. Pit Bull who is confident will remain stable in a foreign environment. If a sense of fear, he will soon adapt well. There are many ways to test this belief. 

2. Friends close to human

Good puppies are those that feel comfortable around us. Select chicks who like to linger and  enjoy our touch. When we touch or caress, he wagged his tail. Chicks who feel comfortable close to us tend also to have confidence that good and stable. Immediately leave the puppy when taken out of the cage, he always tries to return to the cage or their parents sought refuge
      3. Likes toys
Choose also Pit Bull puppies who like toys. This is important especially for the APBT who will enter the world of work for. Trained Pit Bull who likes toys will be easier and more stable. The easiest way to test is to play ball nearby or throat with a cloth gayangkan. Note the unusual reaction. 
4. submissive to humans

Pit Bull Pit Bull is good too, which is subject to human. This proposal is not the result of pressure or fear, but his own desire to please his master Pit Bull. Do not choose a puppy that looked anxious or scared when interacting with us.

Other important things

Another thing that is important when selecting and educating children is a Pit Bull dog:

Get a Pit Bull from a good breeder. A good breeder should be honest with the condition of any properties owned chicks. Farmers will also be a good and honest to tell the condition of the nature and temperament of breeding and stud. Avoid breeders who look "pursue deposit" with a fashion shoot aggressive and continuous delivery. Breeding tends to ignore the aggressive nature of prudence in the development. Choose a breeder who did breeding patiently, carefully and thoroughly.

Pit Bull Puppies should get physical activity and adequate socialization with their environment. The puppy should be accustomed to meet with people or foreign animals both inside and outside the home environment.

Do not leave our children is still small with a dog Pit Bull or Pit Bull without adult supervision. Pit Bull massive movement which could injure the child intentionally.

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