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Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs


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Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs

The dog is called diarrhea if a dog has five times had a bowel movement for 24 hours. Usually contain liquid manure released more than normal dirt. If there is blood in the stool then your dog should be immediately taken to the vet. Bloody diarrhea is a sign of health problems that can cause death in dogs.

The following information can help you prevent diarrhea in your pet dogs. Starting with the identification, causes diarrhea, clinical symptoms, treatment. Hope can help you.

A. Identification

There are 2 colors that look at the bloody diarrhea. The first is the color of blood is very clear in this case the red color of blood as usual. But the black color in the feces also showed blood in the stool. Black because the blood has gone through a long digestive tract.

B. Causes

According to the "Dog Owner Veterinary Handbook" there are many causes of bloody diarrhea. One reason is the dog swallows a foreign object damage to internal organs. Other causes are dogs eating rotten garbage or animal body parts that have been dead. There are also diseases such as Parvo, and ancylstomiasis cocidia virus that can cause bloody diarrhea. rat poison can cause vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Cancer also can cause bloody diarrhea.

C. Other clinical symptoms

Other clinical symptoms to help speed up the determination of the cause of disease then the vet needs to know whether the dog has other symptoms such as loss of coordination, vomiting,
breathing terenga uncontrollably, or seizures.

D. Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment depends on the cause. If there are foreign bodies or intestinal damage, you must do an operation. If the reason is related to diseases such as small, cocidia virus and the veterinarian will give appropriate ancylostomiasis treatment of the disease. In rat poisoning dogs to introduce poison vitamin k or blood transfusion. If the dog dehydrated from diarrhea, the veterinarian will give infusion therapy/infusion during a dog won't eat.

taken from bloody diarrhea in dogs  - - - (drh. Johan Josias Manery. S.KH)

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