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How to Provide Drug Tablets in Dogs


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How to Provide Drug Tablets in Dogs

Sometimes difficult for dogs given the drug, because of the bitter taste of own medicine , drug dogs usually have a variety there is in the form of capsules or tablets is also a liquid form. Here we share how to give medicine to our pet dogs.

The following is a way of oral administration of drugs in dogs :  

1. Hold the dog's head with your left hand if your right hand users. If your dog is kind of old dog's nose and then use your thumb and forefinger to hold the upper jaw. If your dog's nose shorter then the upper jaw is held as in cats (Figure 1).

2. Pull the head held back. Dogs jaw muscles are stronger than a cat so that the mouth can not open up like a cat. (Figure 2).

3. Gently and slowly fold the upper lip so the dog if the dog tries to bite then he would bite his lip and not your hands (Figure 3).

4. Hold the pill or capsule in his right hand between the thumb and forefinger. You can hold your mouth to stay open by pressing the jaw down using your middle finger at the dog's incisors (not in canines.) Drop pill or capsule back of the tongue as far as possible you can (Figure 4).

5. Giving oral liquid medicine can be removed using a syringe. pemberianya following manner: Lay the syringe on the side of the mouth between the cheek and teeth and then quickly push the fluid in a part that after the dog's mouth closed. To avoid the entry of fluid into the respiratory tract should not tilt the head dog (fig. 5).

Note. - If your dog is aggressive you should consult with your veterinarian before giving any oral drug

(drh. Johan Josias Manery. S.KH)

The following information may help you for your loving pets.

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