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Tips On Caring For A Newly Purchased Puppy


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Tips on caring for a newly purchased puppy

When the good time comes when you go home a new family member who is the cute puppies and funny. All the best things given to him. But a few days later I encountered a problem that really bothers you. Your favorite dog will not eat, stress, diarrhea, etc..

To avoid the things mentioned above, please follow the following tips:

1. Once you buy a new dog arrived at the house, put the dog in a quiet environment. Do not be invited to play for 2-3 hours earlier. Let him adapt to new environments.

2. Do not immediately be fed, this is often done by owners of new dogs. Dogs puppies just arrived at the new house if in healthy condition will immediately be given food to eat even though he's still stressful. Should be fed 12 hours after the dog arrived at the house. Dogs were fed directly by the time he comes usually will appear a problem a few days later, like a hunger strike.

3. Provide adequate food, do not continue to be fed if the given portion is up. A healthy puppy dog ​​would spend eat no matter how many there until his stomach is full. Most food causes diarrhea.

4.   The new Dog (any age) should not be bathed or given the vaccination at least 1 week since he arrived.

5. New dog puppies would cry in a few days. When she cries, let it go. It will take about 2-3 days.

6. Health checks and purchase your new dog to the vet

Try the following tips can help you to care for your pet dog at home. if you still have a little problem with your pet dog, talk with your veterinarian.

Dogs are the most wonderful friend and loyal man. love your dog like you love yourself.

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