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10 Things That Should Not Be Done For Dogs


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10 Things That  Should Not Be Done For Dogs

For the health of your pet dog, perhaps the following may help you to become more careful in taking care of your pet. Here are 10 things you should and should not be done for your pet dog :

1. Dogs can be the salt in their diet, as long as not too much. The dog's body also requires us to maintain salt and fluid in the body. All dog food products sold in the market contain salt about 1% -3%. Give more salt to eat dogs, so she always felt thirsty so will drink more. This will increase her milk.

2. Dogs should not be fed red onion because it will damage the metabolism.
3. Dogs should be fed garlic regularly. Garlic is very useful to prevent worms and lice. Foods that were given garlic will release a delicious aroma that increases the appetite of dogs.
4. Dogs should not be fed chocolate, besides damaging the body's metabolism also damage teeth.
5. Dogs should be fed raw meat. Raw meat does not make a dog vicious, it is a myth. Raw meat makes a dog becomes more fresh because raw meat is more easily absorbed by the digestive dogs.
6. Dogs should not be fed raw or partially cooked liver. Raw liver is more at risk of containing worms. Liver should be cooked properly before giving it to dogs.
7. Dogs must be fed chicken neck bones because calcium is high. chicken neck bones are not sharp like a chicken thigh bone. should be given raw bones as if cooked makes the bones become harder.
8. Dogs are pregnant should not be fed de-worming as it will cause a miscarriage. Be the worm medicine is given before the dogs were mated and 2 minngu after giving birth. 
9. Pregnant dogs should be bathed, provided with special treatment. Dogs who are pregnant should be kept clean especially in the area around the nipple and vagina.
10. Dogs should not be bathed 3 days before and 1 week after vaccination. Vaccination of new dogs must be kept healthy, because after the vaccinated dog's body will be weakened in a few days. 
keep the dog to stay healthy is not easy, maybe the following can assist you in keeping your pet dog health.

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