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Appetite Problems in Dogs


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Problems are often found in dog race fan is a problem their pet dogs appetite. In fact, before the dog is purchased or maintained a very good appetite and high. After a few days maintained, or decreased appetite began to rapidly bored with regularnya dog food. The owners started buying dog food confused with another brand or try another food. Will be provided breakfast, lunch no longer wanted. The period should be at each meal, food should vary your dog?. If you have this, growing dogs will be disturbed, the body began to thin, stamina is reduced and eventually developing the disease.

Some cases cause decreased appetite dog :

1. Dogs only maintained its own, no friends so no competitiveness.
2. The dog who had just arrived directly feeding her new home.
3. Dogs have problems with digestion such as bloating or gastric intestinal worms.
4. Dog still in pain or stress conditions.
5. Dog is spoiled.
6. Dog are too often given a snack or hors d'oeuvre. 
7. Schedule and irregular eating.
8. Less activity.

Steps to take :

1. Keeping more than 1 dog, so there is a friend to play and compete with each other. All dogs must eat together so as to make the dog scared his friends will seize food. So the dogs will race to spend their food.
2. Do not feed the dog in at least 6 hours, when the new dog arrived at the house.
3. Provide periodic de-worming.
4. If a dog in pain or stress conditions. Tell me, is completely healed. During illness, the dog was given a special vitamin appetite enhancer.
5. Do not pamper your dog. Give him a schedule full day of fasting each week. Do not give out food in one day, only given water to drink alone.
6. Stop giving snacks or light meals. Do not be too introduce taste in dogs, because it will reduce the appetite if given dry dog ​​food.
7. Create a regular eating schedule. Dog puppy until the age of 3 months, eating 4 times a day, give the distance takes about 4-5 hours. For dogs over the age of 3 months, 3 times with intervals of 6-7 hours. For dogs over 6 months, feed 2 times with intervals of 12 hours. Allow about 20 minutes for dogs to eat them. If you have not run out after 20 minutes, quickly lift and should not be given again until the next meal schedule.
8. Schedule training for your dog on a regular basis at the time before your dog eat.

How to recover the dog's appetite?

Day 1: Dogs are fasting, should not be fed at all in the next 24 hours.

Days 2-4: Give a dog food with servings ¼ normal meal. Give within 20 minutes, if not discharged immediately removed.
Days 5-6: When the day of 2-4 puppy has spent eating, eating more can be added ¼ servings. If not, still give ¼ servings.

Days 7: Fasted dog again.

Day 8-13: Added portions to the size of the meal should.

Days 14: Fasted dog again.

Days 15: Provide meals with servings.

The following information may help you for your loving pets

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