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Common dog diseases during the rainy season

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Common Dog Diseases During The Rainy Season

1. Diarrhea
diarrhea that is sometimes accompanied by vomiting and reduced appetite caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses that attack the digestive organs.
to prevent this is to maintain the balance of flora in the digestive tract. Give a lot of yogurt sold in the market on a regular basis every day. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that can kill bacteria that are not beneficial in the digestion. Dogs who have had diarrhea for more than two days should be examined by a veterinarian to receive antibiotic treatment. You can also give anti-diarrheal drugs are sold freely, but you should select the anti-diarrheal medications made ​​from natural ingredients such as guava leaves or turmeric.

2. skin disease
most skin diseases caused by fungi. The dog will thus need to scratch an itch, the skin sometimes caused by scratching a wound so as to open opportunities for bacteria and viruses to participate so that the disease attacks the skin becomes more severe.
Preventive measures is to maintain the condition of skin and fur remained dry. For short hair, feathers sprinkled powder should then be brushed up hair free from powder or can be wiped with a feather and skin disinfectant every day. For long hair is a little tricky especially if the environment bsah frequent maintenance due to rain. Giving powder can also be applied to a long haired dog. After sprinkled talcum powder, skin and hair curl with a hair dryer. Remember, a hair dryer used should be made ​​specifically for dogs. If not, can use a vacuum cleaner that can blow wind sucking or use other than the fan at high speed. Liquid disinfectants can also be administered by spraying using a sprayer, do not need to soaking wet hair just enough surface. Bathe the dog with a shampoo formula that has anti fungal and anti bacterial. We recommend that if the dog is given a select dog food dog food that uses a protein from lamb because lamb is more able to prevent skin diseases than chicken or beef

3. pneumonia
pneumococcal disease is mostly a dog attack at the age of puppies but adult dogs remain at risk for this disease. A dog that attacked a dog that is usually used to lie on the floor tiles and exposed to cold winds. Try to give reasons to avoid kennels and dog cages are exposed to wind, especially at night. Drying and take the dog to play when the sun terik.Pengobatan by veterinarians commonly use antibiotics.

4. Distemper & Parvovirus Disease
This disease usually affects dogs of the rainy season and dry season. The disease is indiscriminate, puppies and adults can develop this disease at any time especially when the immune system is weak. Weather is cold, damp and windy can lower the body resistance.

Preventive measures, the dog must be vaccinated for this disease and repeated every year. To keep the immune system, the dog must be given a complete and balanced nutrition. Addition of multivitamins during the rainy season is highly recommended, especially when rains come each day.

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