Rabu, 21 September 2011

Parvo Virus

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The disease is caused by viruses in the parvoviridae, very easily transmitted from one dog to another dog. This disease can take two forms:

    1. type of infarction, attack dogs aged 3-10 weeks, the dog will die without obvious 
    2. enteric type, clinical symptoms appear very varied depending on the condition of the dog's 
         body with the presence or absence of secondary infection. Usually vomiting, bloody 
         diarrhea and dehydration.

This disease can be prevented by vaccination. When such symptoms occur above the doctor will usually give an electrolyte solution, broad-spectrum antibiotics such as neomycin, gentamicin and kanamycin. In case of septicemia given penicillin and aminoglycosides. The doctor will also prescribe anti-vomiting, anti-diarrhea and corticosteroids.

*** may be usefull for you and your pets ***

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