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First Aid To A Sick Dog

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First Aid To A Sick Dog 

characteristic feature of dog:

1. Dogs look limp = continuous pain
  •     attention to the dog show (so he does not get stressed because they feel neglected!)
  •     forced to eat less, if it can throw up most ordinary
2. do not want to eat = stomach / digestive disrupted
  •      talk to eat while flirting with her favorite menu
  •      If your dog still will not eat and / or very difficult to force her to eat, it's better to eat                 * vitamin given * as a meal replacement
3. Diarrhea & vomiting = stomach / digestive disrupted
  • if his dog was an infant age (0-3 months) is better directly to the doctor ..! because it can harm the cause of death.
  • provide a low protein diet (so easily digested) for example: baby porridge but a low protein.
4. body heat = cold / not feeling well
  • There when his little hot dog, for example: when given a vaccine, fatigue, colds when the heat was already more than a day, take it to the vet
  • Cold: the heat was only one day, and its temperature is too hot tdak. do not let your dog sleep in the room with the ac first, give a blanket, and eat enough and adequate rest.
  • If you feel sick dog hot usual (mild fever) not for human fever medication for dogs, because of his regular human fever medicine containing paracetamol yg sgt dangerous for dogs.
        5. nasal discharge = overheating
  • For example, your dog is limp and hold his nose and out of fluid (drip, but thin & clear), move directly into the room with its air conditioning or a cooler temperature about her, her normal sick dog nose dry it .. no water in it .. it is common that dogs are often its thick fur, like the type of shih tzu, Pekinese, etc..
  • If your dog limp and his nose Outgoing fluids (drip, but a bit thick & colored like the human nasal secretions), just take it to the doctor, his dog was sick influenza should not be given cold medicine man for the dog because it's dangerous.
*** This is only her first aid course, if it still continues take it to the nearest vet, recognize diseases your pet dog ***

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