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Boston Terrier

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Dog Information :

This article is filled with Boston Terrier dog information about this all American furry friend. The Boston Terrier breed was created by Boston resident Robert C. Hooper who purchased a cross between an English Bulldog and an English White Terrier at some point during the later half of the 19th century. Robert C. Hooper bred his dog – which got the name Hooper's Judge – with a smaller female to bring down the size, and one of the resulting puppies was then bred to yet a smaller female. This offspring was then subsequently bred with French Bulldogs. The Boston Terrier breed was first shown in Boston in 1870 and the American Bull Terrier Club was created in 1889. In 1893, the name was changed to the Boston Terrier Club.  

Dog Care :

Since the Boston Terrier has a short snout and an elongated palate, it is prone to snorting, snoring, and the so called “reversed sneeze”. If your dog gets exited or over-heated and starts to snort and gasp for air, it is best to calm or cool it down. These “attacks” are not dangerous and your dog will not suffocate, but it can be a frightening experience for the terrier. Sometimes rubbing the throat to induce swallowing can stop the reversed sneeze. An important part of Boston Terrier dog care is to protect your dog from excessive heat and harsh cold weather, and refrain from too demanding forms of exercise. Boston Terriers are also prone to eye injuries since they have flat faces with protruding eyes, and it is a good idea to establish a contact in advance with a qualified veterinarian so that you know exactly what to do if your Boston Terrier sustains an eye injury. 

Dog Puppy :

The Boston Terrier dog puppy is a charming little fellow, but before you decide to bring one home you should ask yourself if it is the perfect breed for you and if you are willing and able to care for this new family member for the next 13-15 years. Will you be able to devote sufficient amounts of time and energy to your dog, and is your budget large enough to allow for veterinary care and check-ups? The Boston Terrier dog puppy might seem healthy as a horse right now, but the Boston Terrier breed is plague by several health problems and assuming that your dog will never require veterinary care is not a good idea. You should also avoid getting a Boston Terrier dog puppy if you dislike drooling dogs, flatulent dogs and dogs who snort, snuffle, sore and wheeze. Getting a Boston Terrier dog puppy is a good idea if you can deal with the problems described above, wants a dog with a low-maintenance coat, will have some patience when it comes to house-breaking, and wants a robust dog – not a tiny lapdog. The Boston Terrier is usually a affable dog that befriends people and other pets alike. 

Dog Training :

Boston Terriers have a tendency to dislike being told what to do, and you must therefore be even more stubborn than you dog during Boston Terrier dog training. Even basic Boston Terrier training, such as housebreaking, will usually require a lot of persistence from the owner. Even with consistent crate training, it can take up to six months for a Boston Terrier to become fully house trained.

Dog Breeders :

When you choose between the available Boston Terrier dog breeders, it is important to stick to serious and knowledgeable ones that strives to promote good health in the breed. The Boston Terrier breed is prone to several health problems, including luxating patellas, heart murmur, cataracts, cherry eye, deafness and allergies. Some Boston Terrier dog breeders focus solely on outer appearance, while others focus solely on producing as many puppies as possible to make a lot of money, and both types of breeders should be avoided since their breeding strategies increase the chance of health problems and unstable temperaments. Unfortunately, neurotic, aggressive and hyperactive Boston Terriers are today all too common; partly due to genetic factors and partly due to poor socialization. You can greatly decrease the risk of getting such a dog buy purchasing from knowledgeable and serious Boston Terrier dog breeders only.

source : aquaticcommunity.com

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