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Siberian Husky

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Siberian Husky 

The Siberian Husky dog is a medium-sized working dog belonging to the Spitz family. It hails from eastern Siberia and is ideal for pulling sleds in cold environments, such as northern Russia and Canada. Before you get a Siberian Husky, it is important to do your homework and read the available Siberian Husky dog information, because this is not a breed for everyone. A lot of Siberian Husky dogs end up in shelters or are put to sleep each year after being bought by unsuitable persons that didn’t bother to learn even basic Siberian Husky dog information before they went ahead and bought the dog. 

The Siberian Husky is a powerful working dog and it needs frequent exercise, otherwise it will suffer physically as well as mentally. A very important aspect of proper Siberian Husky dog care is therefore to exercise your dog on a daily basis. A simple walk around the block will not do it for this breed – it requires real exercise.
The Siberian Husky is a fuel-efficient dog; otherwise it would not have survived the harsh conditions in the artic. You must therefore take care not to overfeed it. The amount of food must always be balanced against the amount of exercise. A dog that works hard as a sled dog must for instance be given ample portions of protein-rich food, while a non-working dog will do with a lot less. Adding fish oil or fatty cold water fish to their diet is recommended for all Huskies, regardless of how much they work. The Siberian Husky dog puppy is a mesmerizing creature, but before you bring one home you should ask yourself if this really is the perfect breed for you. A lot of Siberian Husky puppies are unfortunately bought by persons who are unwilling or unable to provide them with the right type of care. Getting a Siberian Husky dog puppy is a good choice if you have an active life style and wants an athletic dog that can accompany you when skiing and hiking. Getting a Siberian Husky dog puppy is not a good choice if you normally prefer short or medium long walks. Yes, you might go hiking 2 weeks a year, but how will you exercise your Husky during the remaining 50 weeks? The Husky is a friendly creature, but a life of napping on the sofa can make it develop serious mental problems.

 The Siberian Husky dog price varies a lot between the different breeders, and also depending on in which part of the world you live. When you compare the Siberian Husky dog price offered by different breeders, it is important to ask your self what you will get for your money instead of simply picking the cheapest puppy. It is for instance important to find out if the Siberian Husky huppy has been examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and de-wormed, or if you will have to pay for these expenses out of your own pocket. It is also important to investigate if the Siberian Husky dog price is high because the puppy hails from healthy, vet-checked high-quality parents with great ancestry or if it is high simply because the seller is a greedy puppy mill owner.

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