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Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was originally developed to retrieve downed fowl and is today one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, especially among families with young children. The Golden Retriever is easy to handle, have a happy disposition and will normally go along well with both children and other dogs. It needs plenty of attention to stay in high spirits and should not be left alone too much since it is a very social creature. Goldens are not commonly used as watch dogs, since they are so happy and friendly towards all human being – intruders included. They will however bark when startled and can be thought to bark when someone enters the premises. 

Since the Golden Retriever is such a popular breed, it is commonly produced by puppy mills and disreputable backyard breeders. It is therefore very important to purchase your Golden Retriever puppy from a trustworthy breeder that strives to breed out genetic disorders and raise healthy and well socialised dogs with a stable temperament.
The typical Golden Retriever puppy is quite an unruly little fellow with plenty of energy and a highly inquisitive disposition. It must therefore be trained to understand the difference between allowed and forbidden activities. When the Golden Retriever puppy grows up, it will turn into a very patient dog, while still retaining its youthful cheerfulness and energy. Do not be surprised if your Golden Retriever puppy doesn’t like to play fetch; many Goldens will not start fetching until they have matured into adult dogs.

The Golden Retriever is a very social dog and it loves to be trained since this means spending time with its owner. It is also a clever dog and with the right type of Golden Retriever training, it can be turned into a guide dog or search and rescue dog. A modern form of Golden Retriever training involves training them to become therapy dogs that can work in hospitals and retirement homes. Golden Retrievers normally responds well to obedience training and are also known to be excellent hunting dogs – partly thanks to their remarkable scenting ability. Just as the name suggests, the Golden Retriever will instinctively love to retrieve and can actually become sad and frustrated if it is never allowed to carry out this task. If you do not hunt, get a stick, a ball or a flying disc for your dog and play fetch on a regular basis. Your Golden Retriever will also need to have toys that it is allowed to carry around without getting scolded for it. Golden Retriever training can preferably include teaching your dog to fetch things for you, such as the newspaper or your purse.

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