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Norwich Terrier

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Norwich Terrier
The Norwich Terrier is a breed of dog. It originates in the United Kingdom and was bred to hunt small vermin or rodents.

Most breeds of terriers were originally bred to hunt a specific type of animal. The Norwich Terrier is no different as they were developed to hunt rodents and other small creatures. The Norwich Terrier is too small to hunt anything much larger.
The coat of the Norwich Terrier is typically brown or red in color although a couple other colors do exist which includes black and gray. Their coat also consists of two layers.
Norwich Terriers are much more affectionate than most other terriers which makes them much more suitable for pets. They also are known to bark very little, this fact contributes to their desirability as a pet. Be sure to allow your Norwich Terrier plenty of exercise as they are very active little dogs.


Norwich Terriers are hardy, active dogs, bred for a working life of pursuing vermin and accompanying their farmer owners on horseback. A good daily walk is therefore the minimum needed to meet the exercise requirements of a healthy Norwich Terrier. Norwich Terriers compete in Earthdog competitions, and are increasingly common in Agility and Flyball competitions. The dogs were bred as working terriers, and thrive best with at least one hour of real activity daily, such as a good walk, run, or working session. Norwich are curious, independent dogs who may become bored by routine, repetitive walks/routes.


Norwich Terriers are difficult to breed. Many have Caesarean sections. The North American average litter size for 2007 is two puppies with the total number of puppies for the year, in the USA, at approximately 750. There are breeding lines with higher average litter sizes as can be easily traced in pedigrees of kennel clubs who include such information, i.e. The Dutch Kennel Club. Similar information can be obtained at internet site of Finnish Kennel Club.
Recently in the United States, there has been significant pedigree fraud. Sometimes these fake Norwich Terriers are sold over the internet.

Source : wikipedia & popular pets

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